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Baru aja ngisi diskusi tentang internet economy yang diselenggarakan oleh ShARE ITB. Biar yang lain juga ngrasain manfaat dari diskusi ini berikut ini saya share slidenya :


This is my first english article at this blog. May be you think why i use english. This is because i will share about share. heh? Share about share? what the hell is that? yea…ShARE!! Yesterday i joined ShARE welcoming event for new ShARE member. ShARE is an International student organization that focused on study about economics. You can learn more about share at

ShARE ITB is the second branch of ShARE Global in Indonesia after establishment of ShARE UI first. ShARE ITB was established by Karlisa cs (including me). We established ShARE because ITB was lack of international organization that focused on economy affair. We hope that this organization could bring ITB issue to the world especially on technological research.

I’m very glad that this organization is running well on Demi leadership (after Karlisa). I saw this after attended at ShARE new member meeting yesterday (they held discussion). I think that is the most awesome discussion i’ve ever attended. They discussed 4 issues in English. They are IT, Energy, Social, and Entrepreneurship. Many of them have briliant thought. Imagine that first year student have known the defition about entrepreneurship well. I hope that ShARE can be alternative thinkthank organization in ITB.

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