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Phone Charging Service, Business Opportunity

Posted on: December 23, 2008

Long ago, I had problem that my phone battery was empty. I was at Gambir Station Jakarta. I confused because I must call someone. But, I was safed by masjid keeper when I would get to pray. He asked me about charging service. I don’t believe it at first, he showed all of Phone Charger type that he has. He charged me 3000 IDR per phone charging. That’s great idea I think.

I call this as business opportunity. Imagine that all people using mobile phone now. They are huge potential market. I also saw many other client of him when i was charging my phone. In my humble opinion I think this business must be tried.

But if we talking about new entrants, it will be huge if you run this business. Because there is too easy for your competitor to get phone charger. They will be you potential competitor. This make it don’t have competitive advantage. However, it is great idea…

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