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Amazing 3 days with amazing friends

Posted on: October 16, 2008

I definitely proud and excited of being head of this IELSP V Oregon Group (although it’s so exhausting). FYI, IELSP is Intensive English Language Study Program Scholarship which hold by IIEF (we are grantees of it). We got chance to go to United States to study English and Culture through it. We had some trainings, visa interview, and pre departure orientation in Jakarta for three days. Three days mean very important to me because I could know all of my friends intensively. We ate, went, walked, laughed together.



well, They, my IELSP friends, are great,amazing who give a lot of things to me. One by one for three days I tried to recognize their potentials and caracteristics.

I realize it’s hard to manage many people with many different culture and background. But believe me, it’s challenging that make me more interested and excited to serve them. I was entertained when one of them of a medical student said that ideal human body is like my body. Oh no.. many people said that I look so fat now, but he said the other said (hope he didn’t intend to make me happy..he..he..). Sometime I also irritated of them who late in our meeting and agenda. But They are part of our togetherness that must be overed.

But I am person who believe that diversity brings effectiveness and goodness. I hope that our diversity make us more cohesive and brave group. Hope I will get many inspiration from all of you when we are in United States.


5 Responses to "Amazing 3 days with amazing friends"

WeLL, diversity sure wiLL bring some advantages, however, it depends on how we respond to it,. 😀

we are grantees of it

hehe i am surely understood how it feels to be one of them.

just wait coz there will be lot more fun things coming be your blessed experiences in Oregon 😀

PS. it is Oregonians NOT Oregoners.

Wow, amazing experiences is waiting for in United States 🙂
Ngga sabar lagi nunggu cerita dari Zaky, nih

i think i’m reallly pooor on english

tomorrow i’ll have my interview…
my CV is just fine, but now i don’t have enough gut… hahahaha

any suggestion? ;D

thank you much…

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